Luis Vasquez

Anomaly 3: age of confusion

I just thinked about an image what could be a good norwegian black metal disc cover.That f*****g eye really gave me a lot of problems XD.

Anomaly 3: age of confusion (WIP)

For previous posts, I published all WIP at the end of process. Now I’m gonna upload screenshots and videos during the process. As you can see, these eye was a problem. Very hard to resolve, by the way. Exclusive early access to videos: Timelapse 1: Timelapse 2: Timelapse 3:

Anomaly 2: the tree of life (WIP)

This was a really bizarre process. Maybe my state of mind makes me takes this illustration as a true challenge. Many doubts, changes of direction, make-delete-make-again traps… I really don`t know.

Anomaly 2: The tree of life

I really don`t know what think about this. Maybe the embryos detail was a bit too much. Anyway, I really like how textures looks, and the semi-animal composition. Cheers!

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